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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Handmade Brown Bag "just Amazing" Albums

This craft must be the most amazing feeling at its completion..Maybe because there are so many pages to be proud of?? You can see them as i post them for sale on etsy or on my flik account or just visit them here...Thanks DOugie Fresh for Busting out the Paint Can for your girls scrappies...Now that is a good guy


  1. I love lunch bag books. First of all, what draws me to them is the craft feeling of the brown paper bags. And I really love how you altered it. I think whoever buys your book is lucky indeed, and would make a great memory book. Looking forward to seeing more of your works (:

    Mag x (swapbot)
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  2. Hi Mag, thank you so much!! They are so addicting. Please follow and I will do the same. YOU R AWESOME!

  3. These are the albums that I make too when I scrapbook. I have the Cricut Expression and it Rocks! Just in so much pain to ever get to anything anymore. Plus, 2 toddlers, lol.

    They are Beautiful. You are very creative. Keep it up Girl!