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Monday, November 28, 2011

etsy bns/bnr trick searching for a shop

i figured something out. i hadnt seen it any where so im posting here cause the more help on etsy you get the better

go to any treasury link, i usually follow something from my feed, 
once im to my selected treasury, up top of the page you will see the etsy search bar

erase what you followed
what your going to erase will look like this "curator:EcoChicSoaps"

in replace of the deleted text type in the shop name you want, a comma and bns or bnr 
so it should look like this when typed in the search bar
"fabricforcraft, bns" or "fabricforcraft, bnr" 
hit enter!

taa daa all the bn's with ur shop of choice ready to be found and shopped by you!

cute bf scripbbled my logo in the sand

Friday, September 16, 2011

the flowers have meanings.

I found this amazing list!
thanks to

Amaryllis splendid beauty
Anemone expectation
Blue Violet faithfulness
Burgundy Rose unconscious beauty
Buttercup childishness
Christmas Rose relieve my anxiety
Chrysanthemum cheerfulness in old age
Crocus abuse not
Damask Rose freshness
Dandelion love's oracle
Deep Red Carnation "Alas! for my poor heart"
Deep Red Rose bashful shame
Dog Rose pleasure and pain
Filbert reconciliation
Forget-Me-Not true love
Full Red Rose beauty
Great Yellow Daffodil chivalry
Holly "Am I forgotten"
Honeyflower sweet and secret love
Indian Jasmine attachment
Iris I have a message for you
Ivy marriage
Lady Slipper win me, wear me
Lettuce cold-heartedness
Lotus Flower estranged love
Marigold vulgar minded
Mistletoe difficulties, I surmount
Moss Rosebud confession of love
Pansy thoughts
Parsley useful knowledge
Peach Blossom I am your captive
Peony shame
Pink Carnation woman's love
Provence Rose my heart is in flames
Purple Lilac first emotions of love
Red Poppy consolation
Red Tulip declaration of love
Rhubarb advice
Rosemary your presence revives me
Scarlet Poppy extravagance, fantastic
Spanish Jasmine sensuality
Thornless Rose early attachment
Turnip charity
Unique Rose call me not beautiful
White And Red Rose Together unity
White Daisy innocence
White Poppy sleep
White Rose I am worthy of you
White Rosebud heart ignorant of love
Yellow Carnation rue, disdain
Yellow Chrysanthemum slighted love
Yellow Iris passion
Yellow Rose jealousy
Yellow Sweetbrier, Or Yellow Rose decrease of love
Zinnia thoughts of absent friends

Sunday, August 21, 2011

San Clemente found my heart -

who ever knew way over here on the other side of Orange County there be a city that waited for me....... train tracks, a walk to the water.   rocks that stick out just far enough that you can walk to another part of the beach without having to swim. You can walk through the water, those silly rocks you cant stop me.  If your not a beach baby this might sound a bit ridiculous.  But, these are the things  that go through my head.  I deeply appreciate these kinds of things and am proud to have the capacity to do so.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love Letters


    This email thing is going to kill me right now.  I need to go back to the classic pen and paper with you.  You take me back before that first hurt.  When it comes to you, i can love like I have never been hurt before.  Just typing this makes my chest tight, and everything else left fluttering.  How is this happening?  What is it?

The last time I wrote a letter to someone I loved, I was 21.  That was also the first year that love hurt me.  I was never the same.  I knew in 1997 that once you have been in a love that hurts you, you never can love the same, ever. 

I was poetic when i was young.  Words used to come from my gut.   You have taken me back there  You have loved so selflessly that my heart has opened to a world of thoughts and emotions again.  Welcoming them in I stop tapping on the keys and begin to write. 

You tell me though, to not get deep, stay simple with words.  If I write you a letter I risk getting to a place that might make our hearts cry.  Do I ask you first if a letter is worth writing if it might not ever be read?

Love Ambur

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One of my absolute.... Scriptures

I will give you a new heart,and I will put a new spirit in you.I will take out your stormy, stuborn heart and give you a tender,responsive heart
Ezekiel 36:26

Makes me kinda sigh :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

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