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Monday, November 28, 2011

etsy bns/bnr trick searching for a shop

i figured something out. i hadnt seen it any where so im posting here cause the more help on etsy you get the better

go to any treasury link, i usually follow something from my feed, 
once im to my selected treasury, up top of the page you will see the etsy search bar

erase what you followed
what your going to erase will look like this "curator:EcoChicSoaps"

in replace of the deleted text type in the shop name you want, a comma and bns or bnr 
so it should look like this when typed in the search bar
"fabricforcraft, bns" or "fabricforcraft, bnr" 
hit enter!

taa daa all the bn's with ur shop of choice ready to be found and shopped by you!

cute bf scripbbled my logo in the sand