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Survive - WaterColor Pencils 2004 Each tear represents Aloura, Abra and I.

Me against the WOrld...Mermaid done in OIL Pastel while I was sitting in court

Ivy Blah, i think this was the 2nd piece i ever did in colored pencils and the 2nd time I ever drew Ivy.  maybe that is what inspired the BLAH
LOVE HELD DOWN" The very first thing/ppicture/doodle i drew that was considered art. Spooky to me.

 2003 Oil Pastels

Water Color Pencils 2004
Oil Pastel - Approx. the 3rd or 4th picture i ever drew.  In 2003 Beggining to release the loss of my baby girls through color of all things.  Pure depression was my only inspiration 

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