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Monday, August 30, 2010

How I became the artist again..

I am a makeup artist by trade, was forced into a "norm' job in 2007 to be able to take on being a single mom and being around for my daughter, not off on photo shoots or movie sets. I tried retail cosmetics PLPH! I was the white girl working at the Shiseido counter. but after they refused to move me up because I could not communicate with the asian client that frequented Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza. I was done with my year of retail, (what a step down that was) and began working as a personal asst.. at a small start up company that was run by an on fire black woman who delegated what we did each day for our 10 or so richer then rich clientele. An office of cute girls, rich peoples money to spend and beautiful houses..Well for awhile, then the economy crashed and we lost clients...We had a few still but not enough to keep us from getting laid off for awhile. I was back in a month on a "move" my boss called them.. it set the stage for the most demeaning job i have ever had. Yes more demeaning then being a "stripper" Packing, unpacking, cleaning up Rich peoples garbage that they somehow walk around, through, and lived amongst every single day. They know how to make money, that is it. GROSS! So here i am, forced to wear a red polo and black slacks everyday and what used to be kind of a glamorous job was now "hell". I was an under paid maid in a polo shirt and slacks. Did we get any credit for the stuff that my boss "squeezed" into an action for us, desperate for billable hours? Nope! Not even a Christmas bonus from these people- Anyhooo point being this. That is where I found my self in January of 2010, miserable, and praying to God that there has to be another way! Well, i woke up on a Saturday morning and my left arm from the elbow down decided it all by its lonesome would get me out of that job. It was numb tingling fingertips and it felt wrong. VERY WRONG, more so then any sleeping on a limb wrong could feel like. It didn't come back.. Here I am 33 years old, HEALTHY, single mom with absolutely no assistance financially or otherwise with only one functioning arm. And that is how my Art was blessed back into my life. With out this disease that snuck quietly and faster then lightning into my life I would still be working as a "fancy" maid praying for a way out. So it is not the ultimate way to undergo a life changing career move. Nor is it any where near something pleasant. I have RSD Reflex Sypathtic Dystrophy. 24 hours a day my arm and alot of the rest of my body is in pain. And ill throw this out there, I have state insurance because I am a single mom. If you don't know how awful that is, well you just fell blessed my friend because I dont wish it on anyone. I will not go into specifics to my testings and treatments I have had or not had since february but it is a nightmare. At this point, i am used to the pain, it was a hard journey though, to get to this point. I am a bit OCD and to not be able to brush my hair, do the laundry, the dishes, or give my baby a bath was killing me. My house that i was a FREAK about keeping clean and organized was slowly rustling into tiny piles of shambles and I had no answers. They knew through Neurology tests and such what it wasn't. And the strongest of the pain meds didnt work. Morphine, Oxycontin, Methodone (puck), Pot! Ugh! So as of today my family practitioner and my pain management doctor both know the truth of what is happening in my body. No one else seems to care in the medical world..So i am taking a break from the desperation of trying to get a "formal" diagnosis from a Orthopedic Dr. I know what i have, i know more about the disease the the PA knew when i went into Gateway Medical in Anaheim. Maybe they don't want to diagnos RSD because they would lose money, there is no cure and you cant have surgery so what do they care about giving me answers, They are not going to make any money giving me the answer. Ughh. GOD BLESS YOU! TBContinued LALALA!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girl learns Spray Paint

  • So I didn't end up laying in the sun it was just too hot....I really preferred the June gloom we had thus far this summer. So here I now hide inside attached to the AC..

  • This is my Custom piece that I am doing for above a Girlies Cal King bed (we will call her Candi) She is a friend of a friend and had been noticing my art I would post on FB. And as easy as that, I am in the game. How awesome right? She requested Skulls, Stars and Wings. So Candi of course will get what she wants and I am along for the ride.
  • And I will admit the journey to achieving her likes has been a challenge.. One that has broken me out of my Girly Whimsical Style and made me include a skeleton head in my art, or as Justice calls it; "It's a PIRATE ME LAD." Which is something I don't think I would have ever done unless it was requested.
  • Her color requests were Gray, Black, Purple, and pink but not alot of Pink. Don't let me forget to mention that this is the first time using Spray Paint!
  • YES the very first, how hard could it be? This guy I have been hanging with does it. Sometimes he even gets paid to do it, he makes a living out of it (almost).
  • When I heard him speak of such wonderful outings and the freedom that a simple clankity clank can holds, I had to try it. And for a piece as big as my winged skull, I thought this be the perfect time. so while "he" was out of town, I purchased my first cans and went at it.
  • He told me to "black it out" , so i blacked it out and from that point on I was like a fish out of water.
    Oh and the stenciling that most tagger's use and cut themselves is an art form all in itself. One that I should have taken a class on..
  • So my new medium did'nt turn out to be as quick and easy as I had hoped for but the learning process is making me want more which is always good with a hobby.
  • I created a few layers of Black, yellow, purple, and a nude champagne kind of color and from there I drove 2 hours to meet up with the BF when his band was as local as they were going to get on their tour. with my Canvas in tote, oh size?! It measures...ahh. what am i doing talking about this rigght now...Remember!!! Craft Show! Like 7 days away! YIKES!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here I am a week or so away from my first show and as confidant as I am in my product the normal Amber Chaos is kicking in. On a Tuesday I just created a new Tutu Ring, going to reshoot a few pictures, need to hit my custom canvas for a hour or so and start a couple Paper Bag Scrapbooks (I am trying to have 10 done for the show, and I have three:). I will be in touch to let you know how much of this i really did and how many times i get sidetracked with another project. Story of my days. Although the sun is blazing outside and I do have my bikini on...Ahh maybe ill lay there for just a little while.