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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Graffiti Scraps "To Celebrate a Teacher"

  I had purchased this circus paper awhile back, it was vintage looking and so cute.  But Justice will never go to the circus, i dont agree with their treatment of the animals. 
 The idea of a circus though reminds me of Las Vegas when i was a kid. Circus Circus on the strip! Now that is a guilt free, no harm done kind of circus.
For a scrapbook what could represent a circus other then the crapola BB everyone knows?  what in everyday life reminds us of a circus? 
Traffic? lol, no scraps themed to being stuck on the 405 at rush hour for sure@!
A CLASSROOM!!  Especially a PRESCHOOL classroom! 
and there you have my new book designed to celebrate the teachers that deal with the rugrats every single work day M-F.

"The best Teacher ever"

"We were unsure, now we know"

Decorated Garden Tins "punk rock tins"

You can buy these roses and the tins to glue them on in my shop on Artfire
I started ordering wholesale resin roses a couple years ago, i then decided to order tins.  I thought how sweet it would be to have a garden of roses atop a tin. Say a tea bag tin, a tiny pill tin or maybe a tin for on top of your desk at the office.  I liked them when i was done, but, something was not quite right.  They were just mediocre. Not spectacular. I had the tools it just took a year of staring at the bland things for me to go at it and make them truly Punk Rock! Gorgeous?  Vintage lace and trimming.  Cabochons and now two sizes of pretty roses. Every spot decorated and every tin lined with a perfect hand made flower.

How cute would these be for an Easter basket? omg

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Vintage soap epherma

How funny it was to see this photo representing "soap" in a vintage children's encyclopedia. Where is the body wash and scrubbies?
tee hee
Scrubbies give me pimples anywho. who needs em.