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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love Letters


    This email thing is going to kill me right now.  I need to go back to the classic pen and paper with you.  You take me back before that first hurt.  When it comes to you, i can love like I have never been hurt before.  Just typing this makes my chest tight, and everything else left fluttering.  How is this happening?  What is it?

The last time I wrote a letter to someone I loved, I was 21.  That was also the first year that love hurt me.  I was never the same.  I knew in 1997 that once you have been in a love that hurts you, you never can love the same, ever. 

I was poetic when i was young.  Words used to come from my gut.   You have taken me back there  You have loved so selflessly that my heart has opened to a world of thoughts and emotions again.  Welcoming them in I stop tapping on the keys and begin to write. 

You tell me though, to not get deep, stay simple with words.  If I write you a letter I risk getting to a place that might make our hearts cry.  Do I ask you first if a letter is worth writing if it might not ever be read?

Love Ambur