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Monday, September 13, 2010

Thought I should share some of my rings with my blog..hence possibly getting a few people a little more curious about these gorgi extravagant things I manage to make. I do it with basically one hand, well my right hand does the detail work and the stuff that takes muscle. My left RSD hand just assists, i hold the tools with my palm and my thumb in the broken hand. There has been nights that i have stayed up working, wrapping away, just to see how much pain i could mentally take. It's a fun game, but i always pay for it the next day. Self induced physical therapy


  1. I love the rose ring! it's so pretty. I'm your follower that is going straight to your shop!
    Mad About Pink from SB

  2. Haha I am very curious about the rings you make! They are so interesting. I love the face and the rose! Did you paint the face as well?

    Mag x

  3. Love love love the paua shell one!

    zilliah (follow that art blog swap)