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Thursday, September 30, 2010

All better - Phew- All Justice is REALLY Sick

Off the colorful happiness for a sec.  Justice was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis tonight, they put her out, did a spinal tap, and sure enough...I knew she was really sick!! I knew it!  They will be transferring her from Hoag to Fountain Valley Pediatrics.  God bless the little angel.  Gotta go pack her favorite pillow and head to the hospital.  Prayers.


  1. Hey, really sorry to hear that. My family and I will be thinking of you. Good luck to the cutest girl!

  2. How is your little beauty doing? Is she okay? How are you bearing up?

    I'm here for the Blog Followers Swap on Swap-bot, but am glad I came anyway. You'll be in my prayers. (CoffeePotPeople)

  3. Hi Amber, praying for your daughter and your family thru all this. You will come out stronger. Great blog. Seems I've recently sent a swap to you so be on the look out. I"m following on here in both places (blog frog too) plus I hearted your etsy shop. Nice stuff. Would love it if you followed on my blog and hearted too.
    Coleen in Ukraine

  4. Oh, what a beautiful little girl! I am praying for her and you and your other little ones as well! Hope is around every corner if you just look for it. blessings! Cathy
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  5. Prayers sent your way! Hope she gets better soon

  6. Sending my prayers.

    J3ss1ca - Swap-Bot

  7. Good luck! At leas you caught it!

    i'm so so sorry that i'm late in commenting and rating!

    this is kate and oli from swap-bot.

  8. No Way! What an Angel! Sorry that you are dealing with all this at once. Just remember, THIS TO, SHALL PASS!"

    My thoughts and prayers are with you love!