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Friday, June 08, 2012

The Landlord from Hell

A quick recap of a long story.  Why I lived in HB for 4 months in 2011, then packed up and moved again. 

March 2011 - Eviction (yuck, but i learn alot)
I move into a small motel until I find a perfect, long term home for justice.  My worst fear was having to keep moving her around.  I wanted to find a spot we would be at for a long time. Where she could start school or a place we would be until mommy finally gets married.
April to August 2011-
  I move to HB in april 2011, a huge beautiful house on Newland and Hamilton that was divided into 4. I rented out the whole front bottom of the house and shared the kitchen with the woman that lived in the front upstairs.  She was the best roommate anyone could ask for and the space available to us was beyond perfect.
  I was unaware of the history of the "landlord" who lived upstairs in the back of the house.  Things seemed a bit odd and once moved in I found out what was really going on.  The house had been raided 2 weeks prior to me moving in.  He was dealing drugs and was now fighting a case on some crazy serious charges.  All this I found out by researching bc of my suspicions.  
  This landlord had a "gifrlfriend" with a 5 yr old blind daughter.  I took her to church with me and really tried to be a "light" in her world, informing her that there is so much help  out there for her and she does not have to feel stuck.  I also sparked a Jesus light in her that "caused" the 56 yr old mamas boy landlord to quickly snap on me 
  By May he was making my life and Justices world, complete chaos.  This guy never has held a job in his life and rented out the house he grew up in for his retired mother He dealt drugs and turned his childhood home into the neighborhood outcast, all while his eldery mother was clueless living on a farm in utah.  
  It began with him entering our side of the house the second both my roommate and I were gone be gone. Every time I came home something was messed with, broken, gone through.  The details are beyond sick and I knew from the day he began his harrassment I was taking him to court.  I took pictures.  It got to a point that my roommate or I always hed to be there, i was driven to insanity coming home and scanning the room looking for his next hit.  The worst thing he did, hands down, was poor urine on my bed.  Yes, i have proof.  
  He wanted me out but had no reason to kick me out so he stalked me.  Bullied me and my daughter into pure fear. All the while im sick (not knowing it yet though) from mold poisoning in our bathroom.  I would have stayed and sued him while still living in the home but had to get out bc the mold was making me crazier then his actions and both together left me unable to think clearly.  While packing to get out of this house, Justice was pulled from school.  Unable to attend bc of the "budget" issue.  
to be cont....