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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Graffiti Scraps "To Celebrate a Teacher"

  I had purchased this circus paper awhile back, it was vintage looking and so cute.  But Justice will never go to the circus, i dont agree with their treatment of the animals. 
 The idea of a circus though reminds me of Las Vegas when i was a kid. Circus Circus on the strip! Now that is a guilt free, no harm done kind of circus.
For a scrapbook what could represent a circus other then the crapola BB everyone knows?  what in everyday life reminds us of a circus? 
Traffic? lol, no scraps themed to being stuck on the 405 at rush hour for sure@!
A CLASSROOM!!  Especially a PRESCHOOL classroom! 
and there you have my new book designed to celebrate the teachers that deal with the rugrats every single work day M-F.

"The best Teacher ever"

"We were unsure, now we know"

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