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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A piece of My Story - #2 Unedited

Inspired by: Pain, Heartache and a broken soul blessed back into life by a God that believed in me long before I knew him. ( I became a artist when my daughters were illegally ripped from me in 2003.  After I turned the man in who my 5 year old told me molested her.  And because he did not confess in the beginning but made up lies about me CPS took my girls and committed crime after crime to make sure they made there yearly bonus.) I picked up a paint brush and started painting my furniture, one thing after another. I had no clue I possessed a quality that could have changed the path of my life dramatically. I had no signs that I could draw and paint, never knew I was an Artist until at 28 Pain hit so deep into my soul that an array of Color was my only saving grace. I have finally found peace living to tell the stories that most would think have to be fiction..These days my Justice and my Random acts of Chaos keep me sane.  Justice would be the most amazing 3 year old little girl any one could ask for. Today I am on a path to make my craftiness my stage, i can finally admit to myself that there might be some talent here.

I was stuck in a awful job as a Personal Asst in Jan 2009. After having to quit my career as a makeup artist to be a single mom I worried and pondered over what I was going to do with my life.  That is when something greater stepped in my life to remind me that my creating is a gift and I am supposed to be using what I was given. I don't think I was given RSD by chance.  I woke up on a Saturday morning with my left hand from the elbow down to my finger tips completely numb and gray.  I knew something was really wrong.  Fast forward a couple months, my hand never recovered.  The tingle wore off slowly and left 4 out of 5 fingers in the strangest pain i could ever imagine.  Today, it has crept up my arm, 24 hrs a day of constant pain, burning into my wrists and I am even feeling and seeing signs of my right hand losing it's strength.  if you have not heard of RSD Reflex Sympathetic Disorder you can find out more here of boredom and trying to get comfortable with Chronic Pain I started wrapping a few rings, when another of God's gifts noticed my gift and through love and admiration forced me to believe in myself and my work. After choosing the wrong idiots for 33 years I got Dougie. An exception to all the man rules, a believer in God and a soul exactly as honest as mine.  He believed in me and here I am today. Wrapping rings came out of no where, the beginning of crafting came with a loss too deep, and an artist was born out of chance.   With Quotes of Justice, anything from the ocean, its waves or California Beaches, punk rock with reggae beats, the lord who believed in me long before i knew him, the rainbow of every color and a passion for making people find their Unique place in this world that conforms to each other I MAKE LIFE, I MAKE BEAUTY THAT LOVES LIFE AND I MAKE QUIRKY, because no one seems to laugh enough anymore. To be continued

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  1. Hi Sweetie! I feel all your PAIN!

    Literally! Stay Strong and Keep ur Head up. Keep blogging, it helps others with RSD and it especially helps you!