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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Custom Wedding Order

What do I like doing about weddings??  I have always been one who will never get married.  Proof is in the fact that I found it possible to have three baby girls all without being married.  Of course I didn't plan it that way.  But, I always said no one could love me that much.  My daughters, they will love me forever and they won't cheat on me. (My BF put it down better then I have even understood it "I was trying to fill a void". )
Matching Set for Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor, also a small ring for the flower girl.

Rose Gold with Matching Earring in Rose Gold...I comped those.

Amberingz TOWER rings MAde with Swarovski Crystals, Vintage Buttons, and a bit of Silver

I did one pair in Rose Quartz, to change it up a little

Each ring is about and inch and a half high.

I also Hand Stamped Gift Bags and Hand made Tags for the bride to fill out and wrap the rings herself.
.Point, yes I have a point.  Although weddings always irked me, they would make me uncomfortable to the point of exhaustion, I do enjoy the thought of them these days.  AND I love the idea of designing jewelry that will be a part of that splendid day. Especially when the wedding is being held in Hawaii...
5 Sets in Rose Gold..The wedding will be in White, Blue, and a bit of Fuschia.  Hopefully the girls wear them in the service and get a few customers for me..Oh they are in for a treat when they open their Thank You gifts.  I do hope they love them as much as I do..


  1. im getting married in june! ive been planning my wedding ever!
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  2. Wow...those are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. OMG you did a Wonderful job, Love it all!!